Scientists at Lehigh participate in a variety of ongoing projects which produce data and information used by the community to better understand environmental processes.

Educational Activities

Lehigh University Environmental Initiative-Educational Activities

These secondary and postsecondary learning activities have been developed by Environmental Initiative faculty and students and are indexed in the Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE).



Environmental Literacy and Inquiry

Lehigh University Environmental Initiative-Environmental Literacy and Inquiry

Environmental Literacy and Inquiry is an inquiry-based middle school curriculum that uses geospatial information technologies including GIS and Google Earth to investigate environmental issues. The Web site includes curriculum units Energy, Climate Change, and Land Use Change. Tectonics is a series of geospatial investigations designed to enhance the middle school Earth science curriculum.


Earth System Science Education at Lehigh University

Lehigh University Environmental Initiative-Earth System Science Education at Lehigh University

Earth System Science Education (ESSE) at Lehigh University is a Web site designed to promote ESSE for entry level college students and advanced high school students to learn about the carbon cycle, remote sensing, and land changes. This site contains instructional modules, laboratories, and tools designed to promote inquiry-based.



Lehigh Earth Observatory (LEO)

Lehigh University Environmental Initiative-Lehigh Earth Observatory

The Environmental Initiative, through Lehigh Earth Observatory (LEO) and affiliated departments and scholars, works with community organizations to provide scholarly information and data about local and national environmental problems.




Sustainability at Lehigh

Lehigh University Environmental Initiative-Sustainability at Lehigh

Lehigh University integrates sustainability into our academic and operational processes and is involved with community sustainability efforts.