Educational Activities

Activities listed in the Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE):
In this activity students learn about the Stockertown sinkholes and decide who should be responsible for compensating property damage caused by a sinkhole. Students read a description of a stakeholder's role and access the resources that they will use to develop a position statement about who should be responsible for the investigation and remediation of the Stockertown, Pennsylvania sinkholes. They create a position statement based on their assigned role of the stakeholder and cover who should be responsible for the investigation and remediation of the Stockertown sinkholes, what should be done to solve the sinkhole problem, what might be causing the sinkholes, and what new policies should be created to protect the interest of homeowners affected by sinkholes. They will be responsible for presenting a long-term action plan to prevent and/or remediate sinkhole destruction in class during a simulated town hall meeting.
Coastal Explorations is a virtual photo journal that allows learners to explore a variety of coastal formations and unique features in many different locations along the California and New Jersey coasts. Learners investigate the differences and similarities between California and New Jersey coasts. Areas to explore include coastal processes and coastal issues such as erosion, how human activities modify shorelines, and development issues people living on the coast encounter
This activity uses web-based GIS maps to explore sprawl in the Lehigh River watershed. Learners are introduced to sprawl and its effects on human and environmental health. GIS maps are used to study patterns of land use and population centers. Learners form their own opinions and decide on best practice solutions to land use problems and explore some of the options that land owners have today as a result of changing practices.
Geologic Explorations allows learners to explore a variety of unique geological formations of Utah using Quicktime Virtual Reality (QTVR) panoramas and digital still imagery. Spectacular panoramas and striking images capture Utah's unique geology and invite students to explore and learn interesting facts and concepts central to the study of geology.
Abandoned Mine Drainage in Pennsylvania is a science-technology-society (STS) role playing debate simulation. In this activity, learners investigate the abandoned mine drainage (AMD) issue from differing perspectives. In their investigation, they identify AMD problems, search for a solution, evaluate options, and decide on a course of action to treat and clean up AMD in Pennsylvania.