Climate Change Policies in the Biden Administration

Climate Change Policies in the Biden Administration
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Roger Karapin
Professor of Political Science
Hunter College
CUNY Graduate Center
The Obama administration tried to assert U.S. leadership on climate policy by adopting greenhouse gas regulations for motor vehicles, power plants, and other industries, but the Trump administration systematically rolled back those policies. What is the Biden administration doing to pursue ambitious climate policies? What has it achieved so far, and what are the constraints and opportunities it is likely to face?
Roger Karapin is Professor of Political Science at Hunter College and the CUNY Graduate Center. He has published widely on climate change policy and renewable energy policy in the United States, Germany, and Canada. His book, Political Opportunities for Climate Change: California, New York, and the Federal Government (Cambridge University Press, 2016) won the Caldwell Prize for best book on environmental politics and policy, awarded by the American Political Science Association.


Thursday, October 28, 2021 - 4:30pm